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I just realized about a minute ago that my ten year livejournal anniversary is next month.


Commitment. I have it.

My wheels are working to commemorate the occasion. I feel like it warrants remembering. A lot has happened in the last decade.

Principles I live by: 100 Things Challenge Day Two
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You all thought I wouldn't make it to day two didn't you? Admit it. :D

Anyhow, onto the video. Today's video is brought to you old school style by vlogbrother, Hank Green.

This video pretty accurately portrays what I want to do with the rest of my life. Seriously. Most of my current friends here know this, but For anyone who just started following my livejournal, I am in the final weeks of finishing my masters degree in Recreational Therapy. Whether he knows it or now, most of the things I do involve the very principles that Hank talks about in his video. He says "When the opportunity presents itself, why ignore something new, something interesting, something different?" Leisure is all about exploring new and introducing new things to individuals who may not otherwise get exposed to. I find videos like this inspiring for myself, but also for the individuals I work with, who due to a disability, may not get the chance to do the things they want to without adaptation or assistance. They don't kow how to put stuff on their heads and just be.

ETA: I generally keep my journal friends only, so the remainder of my post for the challenge will be as such. Feel free to add me if you'd like to follow my progress.

100 Things - #1
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{Take the 100 Things challenge!}

I decided to start this challenge as a way to increase both the content on my page and inspire my own creativity. I will be blogging about 100 youtube videos/youtubbers that inspire my creativity.

This one seems to be an appropriate start: thank you Ze Frank, you couldn't have said it better.

"Let me not be so vain as to think that I am the sole author of my victories and or the victim of my defeats." This particular video may seem an obvious and cheesy start - but it has that feel of "Everybody's Free to Wear Sunscreen" - in that these are all things I need to repeat to myself on a daily basis to get through, but don't always think about it. Life is particularly chaotic for me right now, and I find that this little video inspires me to move forward in my life, because I know that I can change it, and make things better. It also inspires me to create something, anything no matter if it is a piece of shit, or a work of art. Creating anything is better than nothing - we all leave a mark.

2011 - Anime (Watch list + Reviews)
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Currently Watching:

GTO: Great Teacher Onizuka created by Tohru Fujisawa --- comedy, character-driven; original air date: 1999; 10/12/11-?; rating: 5/5 (re-watch)
Onizuka, a big-hearted, tough-yet-sensitive former motorcycle gang member, decides to become a teacher and hopes that his new career choice will make a real difference in society -- as well as help him get girls. Onizuka's street smarts come in handy when he's dealing with colleagues and students. In spite of his successes (both at school and with the girls), he realizes that he still has much to learn.

Gunslinger Girl (Season 1) created by Yu Aida --- drama, action, science fiction; original air date: 2003, 13 episodes; 09/08/11-?; rating: TBD
The Social Welfare Agency, in spite of its name, cares little for the interests of those it serves. No wonder Henrietta, an orphan who's been living there, has become a hardened soul and a killer. Henrietta remembers nothing about her childhood, and somehow she's grown into someone who keeps an emotional distance from the hard truths about her life: that her family was mercilessly destroyed. Love, however, may bring her back.

Moribito: Guardian of the Spirit created by Nahoka Uehashi --- action, fantasy; original air date: 2007, 26 episodes; 03/10/11-?; rating: TBD (Hiatus - episode 10)
Warrior and master of the spear Balsa accepts a job to protect Prince Chagum from his would-be assassin, Emperor Mikado. On a mission to atone for her complicated past, Balsa becomes bodyguard to Chagum, whose mysterious connection to a legendary water spirit with the power to destroy the kingdom makes him the target of his fearsome father, Emperor Mikado.

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Skyward Sword
[parks and rec] treat yo self

If you start play this game it will own your life. And you will love it.

No I just can’t find the strength to hold you up, And keep you taut...
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this sums it up well.

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here ---------> codexial

feel free to add.

2010 - Books
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2010 book list

*favorite author

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grow till tall
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I have been looking for a good song to sum up the Jonsi live show that I went to last month in Columbus, and I would have to say that it has to be Grow Till Tall (a song that has grown on me in so many ways). But I just haven't been able to find a live video that really shows how epic that song was when it was done live. It swelled and roared -- it was jubilant and euphoric. In short, it was a sight to behold. Here is the best video that I could find (...that shows the whole stage show, without cutting into to too many close ups. the go live version is very cool, but doesn't give you as much of the fan perspective).

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the second is Around Us, from the Go Live DVD, and probably my favorite song from the album. I know his album has been out for awhile, but I am flat out amazed at this man's ability to invoke emotion. This is my squee for Jonsi post -- and my plea for anyone who doesn't know him (or sigur ros) to check him out. This video include the original and acoustic version of the song as it is performed live.


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