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grow till tall
[top gear] jeremy; rubbish
I have been looking for a good song to sum up the Jonsi live show that I went to last month in Columbus, and I would have to say that it has to be Grow Till Tall (a song that has grown on me in so many ways). But I just haven't been able to find a live video that really shows how epic that song was when it was done live. It swelled and roared -- it was jubilant and euphoric. In short, it was a sight to behold. Here is the best video that I could find (...that shows the whole stage show, without cutting into to too many close ups. the go live version is very cool, but doesn't give you as much of the fan perspective).

the second is Around Us, from the Go Live DVD, and probably my favorite song from the album. I know his album has been out for awhile, but I am flat out amazed at this man's ability to invoke emotion. This is my squee for Jonsi post -- and my plea for anyone who doesn't know him (or sigur ros) to check him out. This video include the original and acoustic version of the song as it is performed live.


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