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Principles I live by: 100 Things Challenge Day Two
[real people] john green; super party bl
You all thought I wouldn't make it to day two didn't you? Admit it. :D

Anyhow, onto the video. Today's video is brought to you old school style by vlogbrother, Hank Green.

This video pretty accurately portrays what I want to do with the rest of my life. Seriously. Most of my current friends here know this, but For anyone who just started following my livejournal, I am in the final weeks of finishing my masters degree in Recreational Therapy. Whether he knows it or now, most of the things I do involve the very principles that Hank talks about in his video. He says "When the opportunity presents itself, why ignore something new, something interesting, something different?" Leisure is all about exploring new and introducing new things to individuals who may not otherwise get exposed to. I find videos like this inspiring for myself, but also for the individuals I work with, who due to a disability, may not get the chance to do the things they want to without adaptation or assistance. They don't kow how to put stuff on their heads and just be.

ETA: I generally keep my journal friends only, so the remainder of my post for the challenge will be as such. Feel free to add me if you'd like to follow my progress.


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