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throw it in the current,

that I stand up on so still.

here come the tears.
21 June 1985
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27 years old. masters degree in recreational therapy. indulges in music regularly and pie on occasion. hell bent on world domination.
loves to cook. partially deaf in left ear (speak up!). liberal. eccentric. open. sarcastic. penniless, mostly.

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"That smugness of yours really is an attractive quality."

"Thank you. It was either that or get my hair highlighted. Smugness is easier to maintain."

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v. Love is All

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all manner of music, all music related topics, baking and cooking, bare feet, books and bookstores, cholesteatomas, classical music, dog eared pages, exploring local eateries, explosions in the sky, frilly frozen coffee drinks, guys with messenger bags, hyphens, jane austen, kinky sandwiches, late nights, laughing, learning video editing techniques, leaving myself notes, lower case letters, old record store smell, pie!, playing in the rain, politics, pop culture commentary, quotes, random five topic conversations, road-trips to nowhere, science fiction, secret world domination plans, sushi, text message marathons, the mountain goats, thrifting, vintage t-shirts, vinyl